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The Vineyard's Sankofa Journey
Event: 02/27/20
Post: 11/12/19

Catgeory: Special Event

Description: This is an invitation to you and anyone from your congregation that is interested in visiting historical sites and museums to discuss Civil Rights and contemporary issues as well as, race relations within the church and connected communities.
Sankofa is a word in the Twi language of Ghana that translates to "Go back and get it" (san - to return; ko - to go; fa - to fetch, to seek and take) and also refers to the Asante Adinkra symbol represented either with a stylized heart shape or by a bird with its head turned backwards while its feet face forward carrying a precious egg in its mouth. Sankofa is often associated with the proverb, “Se wo were fi na wosankofa a yenkyi," which translates as: "It is not wrong to go back for that which you have forgotten."

The Vineyard’s Sankofa Journey will involve taking a history trip within the southern part United States to focus on key events that shaped the country we live in. Civil Rights and contemporary issues will be used as learning modules and the focus will be on race relations within the church and connected communities. The participants will visit historical sites and museums to discuss content that will be related to the focus of the trip. Sharing personal experiences as well as insights are highly encouraged.
Reading Materials:
Rethinking Incarceration: Advocating for Justice That Restores
COST: $18.00 List Price

I'm Still Here: Black Dignity in a World Made for Whiteness
COST: $17.00 List Price

There will be partners of two who will share the Sankofa experience together. The goal for the trip is to have 40 participants in partnered groups of 2 people per group. Discussions that involve partner groups coming together is also encouraged. However, the main goal is for the partner groups to not separate during the experience.
Participants are encouraged to seek out their partners or partners can be chosen by the Sankofa committee. All partnerships will be must be approved by the Sankofa committee. The base criteria for choosing a partner is simple: the participant will be paired with a partner who is, considered to be, in a different ‘race’ (e.g. a ‘white’ person is paired with a ‘black’ person). The aim is for both participants to engage in perspectives that may be different than their own.

During the month of February, the partners connect at least once per week over the first three weeks. This can be done over sharing a meal, skyping, or phone call. The discussion can happen organically but reading materials and information packets will also be provided. The history trip will take place from Thursday evening, February 27th thru Sunday March 1.

The sites will not be officially revealed until we get closer to the trip. However, here are the states that are planned for visitation:
North Carolina

Cost: $255, a $155 deposit is due by October 1, 2019 and registration closes by January 15, 2020
(Vineyard Pastors: We will cover $50.00 of your registration to help make the journey more affordable for you.)

Contact Pastor Brian Metzger for more information
Raleigh Vineyard

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